Bikini Beach Band catching a wave at The Green Dragon
Bikini Beach Band catching a wave at The Green Dragon
The Wild Hare Club audience likes to party every now and again and the Bikini Beach Band are simply a great party band.  The true story of how the four musician brothers met at a tequila fuelled wake can be found on their website, but really you just need to know that they have all the right surf guitar licks and a thumping back beat that will have you both dancing and grinning with all the flare of John Travolta and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

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Heathcote Williams

Campaigning poet, Heathcote Williams, died on 1st of July and he and his continual flow of words and other work will be missed by many, including me.  Age didn’t mellow him and, given the turbulent times we are currently living in, there is more need than ever for dissenters who aren’t afraid to call-out the power-hungry and the corrupt for their actions, the actions that trample over others and are tearing the natural world apart. Heathcote Williams

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