Pete Molinari - dapper troubador
Pete Molinari - dapper troubador
The Cohen brothers rank amongst my favourite filmmakers and loved their affectionate take on the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene, Inside Llewyn Davis. Someone else who holds that time and vision close to his heart is the dapper Pete Molinari. Pete’s Wild Hare Club gig was just when he was beginning to make a name for himself and since then he’s gone on to bigger things, cutting some great records, singing with Yoko at Meltdown and even getting the thumbs up from ‘The Boss’.

Of course, some of the best Wild Hare moments take place round the kitchen table at WHC HQ and one of the best of the best was hearing Pete sing Goodnight Irene, the most tender and beautiful rendition of one of those timeless songs.

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Heathcote Williams

Campaigning poet, Heathcote Williams, died on 1st of July and he and his continual flow of words and other work will be missed by many, including me.  Age didn’t mellow him and, given the turbulent times we are currently living in, there is more need than ever for dissenters who aren’t afraid to call-out the power-hungry and the corrupt for their actions, the actions that trample over others and are tearing the natural world apart. Heathcote Williams

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