Reggae Pie - who wouldn't want a slice?
Reggae Pie proffering the best in reggae, ska, calypso, dub step, rock steady, mento, dance hall & lovers
Our friends at Reggae Pie have been playing tunes in one form or another for over 25 years and they’re now settled in Herefordshire. The Djs are Dr Nicodemus Puffalott, Ally Baba, Daddy Adam, Cai Roots, Dub Man Owen and Ben Jafari who all share a love of music be it, reggae, ska, calypso, dub step, rock steady, mento, dance hall or lovers

Fellow promoters and party makers, Reggae Pie events may feature bands, MCs and a host of guest DJs. Add a tumbler of Baba’s famous rum punch to the wonderful musical selections and you’re in for a truly wonderful reggae experience.

Who would ever say no to a slice of Reggae Pie?

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Heathcote Williams

Campaigning poet, Heathcote Williams, died on 1st of July and he and his continual flow of words and other work will be missed by many, including me.  Age didn’t mellow him and, given the turbulent times we are currently living in, there is more need than ever for dissenters who aren’t afraid to call-out the power-hungry and the corrupt for their actions, the actions that trample over others and are tearing the natural world apart. Heathcote Williams

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