Well done for finding the somewhat elusive Wild Hare Club.

The WHC is the banner under which I have been hosting occasional live events in a wide variety of venues in the city of Hereford and the surrounding countryside since 2005. It is a club - in the loosest sense – add yourself to the email list and you’re effectively part of it.

True to its name, there is no set formula. Each gig or event is a one-off and always special - not just because the performers and WHC collaborators are uniformly fabulous but because the people who come to WHC events tend to be pretty special too. In a nutshell, while the WHC was originally conceived to provide ‘human music on a human scale’ , it's become something more, an easy-going community where everyone is welcome.

Wild Hare Club shows are labours of love and can only come together with the continued good will of artists, friends, family and your good selves. Looking forward to seeing you some time in the not-too-distant future,

Yours ever,

Richard, hare-brained MC of the WHCProfileSquare

ulrike sauer
me to your mailing list, please!
kindest regards,

Mark Drury
Mailing List.
Hi Richard,
We're finally moving to Hereford! Can you add me to the mailing list please?
All the best,

Steve Johnson
Doing some great gigs before we lose the will to live
Hi Richard, this looks like the kind of club we'd like to join! We are on the same label as the Irascibles, also based in Cardiff and are willing to travel to play to a music loving crowd. We release our second album, this time, in conjunction with Bywyd in a couple of months and are looking for gigs. This looks perfect to me. please bear us in mind! Our website is www.anonymousiconoclasts.com and we are a bunch of old timers who really should know better... All the best, Steve
Christophe Capewell
Possible gig

Christophe here from travelling folk band The Rubber Wellies. Based in Dublin, Bilbao and England, Mike Harding has described us as "One of my favourite bands of recent years". Would you be interested in having us play at some point? We're pretty much booked up for the rest of the year but would you be interested in having us play at some point in 2018?

Drawing on narratives from curious everyday occurrences, global politics and folk legends, the Rubber Wellies multi-lingual performances are a mix of musical story-telling, good-time sing-alongs and fun-filled crowd participation that flip between poignant introspection and carefree raucousness which they have been bringing to audiences all over the world for almost a decade. Original, entertaining and thought provoking, The Rubber Wellies are a travelling folk outfit like few others.

"a big draw on the live circuit with their likeable good-time roots- flavoured folk" - fRoot

Look forward to hearing from you,


James Snodgrass
Sign me up for updates
Looks interesting!
Joe Botting
Sign me up, Scotty!
Thanks for the invitation to perform, Ian... this sounds just my sort of thing, and I'd love to come see some of the other musicians as well. Why haven't I heard of this before, I wonder..?
Sounds good. I want in please.
Graham - You're in!
Just add yourself to the mailing list at the top or bottom of the page.

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